Geeky Therapy


Hey, I'm a geek! tell me more!

Has anyone ever told you to grow up? That games (or comics, or cosplay, or whatever your geek du jour is) are for children? Little do they realize that life is simply a series of games.

You may be really good at playing the career game but just can't figure out the rules in the interpersonal game. You may feel like you're missing certain elements to play the game well like charisma, happiness, or calm. That's okay!

You might be a starting character in one aspect of life. The secret is that everyone starts out a noob at some point and sometimes we can get trapped in a dungeon where we can't find the key. That's where therapy comes in; it can help you with the insights you need to level-up.

The truth about life is that whatever level we're on there's always a higher one that we can achieve.

Take a look at the picture above. I was cleaning out my dice bag one day and kinda tossed a bunch of dice on the table. I looked and sure enough saw that glaring 1 shining up at me. I thought it was funny so I took a picture, as you do, and posted it to Facebook, as you do, with the caption, "Of course I throw a nat-1." And that 1 was all I could see until an insightful friend pointed out that I had also rolled a 6 on a 6-sided die, a 10 on a 10-sided die, and a 12 on a 12-sided die. That's my job as a therapist: I help you see what is there that you might be missing.