Do I really need therapy? I'm not crazy!


could your life be better? YEs!

You’re used to being smart enough to figure things out, but this thing has you stumped and your brain keeps going in circles. Maybe you’re spending more time than you’d like thinking about that thing in your past. Maybe you're afraid of where you're headed in the future. Maybe your relationships keep failing in the same way and you’re starting to think it might be you (or at least the people you seem to always choose). Maybe you feel like your friends are tired of listening to you vent and you need someone to unload on. Maybe anxiety or sadness is keeping you from doing all the things you want to do.

All of these things, and more, can be helped with therapy.

I specialize in helping folks dealing with issues involving peer relationships, romantic relationships, sexual relationships, stress, anxiety, depression, existential angst, and nihilistic dread. I am open and accepting of all people, including those who are non-conforming, non-monogamous, geeks, freaks, and kinksters. I am a sex-positive therapist. I am a geek. I am here to help. I provide a safe space to reflect, process, strategize, and heal. I try to be authentic in order to help my clients become more authentic, and my personality is fun and optimistic. I also challenge those who want to be challenged. I will meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to go.



***Now offering video-chat for people in NC*** 

I'm not entirely sure why we decided to have a seance over salad.

I'm not entirely sure why we decided to have a seance over salad.


Hi, I'm Maggie and I'm a geek. You know what a geek is, right? Someone who's super into something like waaaay more than "normal" people. The something doesn't matter; you can be a geek about Joss Whedon, spend all day arguing about whether Star Trek or Star Wars is better, be super into science or math or flower arranging or hiking or computers. The key is that you're passionate and I think that's better than "normal" any day. I'm a geek about people: the way we think, the way our brains work, the way we interact with others. That's why I became a counselor.

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$100 for a 50-minute individual session.

$150 for a 75-minute couples session.


Evening and Weekend appointments available.

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